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Welcome to Hi Country Stables, your gateway to unforgettable horseback riding adventures in the heart of Colorado’s majestic landscapes. Our family-owned stable, nestled amidst lush meadows and rolling hills, has been providing unique and memorable experiences for riders of all skill levels since the 1960s. Join us on a journey through breathtaking scenery, diverse wildlife, and the serene beauty of the countryside.

Rides Tailored to Your Experience

At Hi Country Stables, we offer a variety of horseback riding experiences to suit your desires and abilities. Choose from our popular 2-hour ride, perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike; the 3-hour ride for those seeking a deeper exploration of the wilderness; or the ultimate 5-hour adventure for the dedicated equestrian enthusiast. Our knowledgeable guides and well-trained horses will ensure your safety, comfort, and enjoyment throughout your journey.

Safety and Enjoyment: Our Top Priorities

Your safety and enjoyment are at the forefront of everything we do. Our experienced guides will provide a brief orientation before your ride, ensuring you are comfortable with your horse and fully prepared for your adventure. We offer helmets for all riders and suggest appropriate attire, including long pants and closed-toe shoes. Our commitment to safety, coupled with our passion for sharing the beauty of our region, ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience for all our guests.


2-hour Ride

Experience an Unforgettable Horseback Riding Adventured

Embark on a picturesque guided horseback ride starting from the stunning Sprague Lake, taking the scenic Glacier Creek Trail, crossing Boulder Brook, and passing by the Glacier Basin Campground. This enchanting equestrian journey offers an easy terrain, making it an ideal outdoor adventure for families, couples, and nature enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

Setting off from Sprague Lake, your experienced trail guide and well-trained horse will lead you along the beautiful Glacier Creek Trail. Revel in the lush forests, vibrant wildflowers, and soothing sounds of nature as you traverse this easy-to-navigate path. Crossing Boulder Brook, you’ll experience the calming sounds of water flowing over rocks, creating a serene atmosphere for your horseback riding adventure.

As you ride along the Glacier Basin Campground, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque surroundings of Rocky Mountain National Park. The easy terrain allows you to fully appreciate the stunning landscapes and immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance of the Colorado wilderness.

Continuing your journey, you’ll cross back over Boulder Brook before returning to the Stables, where you’ll conclude your unforgettable horseback riding experience. Reflect on the incredible sights, sounds, and sensations encountered during your ride and take a moment to bond with your horse, appreciating their steady companionship throughout the adventure.

This easy terrain horse ride is sure to create cherished memories and inspire a newfound appreciation for the great outdoors.


3-hour Ride

Experience a Horseback Riding Adventure at Glacier Creek Stables

Discover the unparalleled beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park on a guided three-hour horseback riding tour, starting at the renowned Hi Country Stables. This incredible adventure takes you past the picturesque Sprague Lake, along the scenic Storm Pass Trail, and through the mesmerizing Wind River Trail, culminating in breathtaking views of the East Portal. This unforgettable journey is perfect for families, couples, and nature enthusiasts seeking a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience.

Your adventure begins at Hi Country Stable’s Glacier Creek location, where you’ll be paired with a well-trained horse and an experienced trail guide, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride. Setting off towards Sprague Lake, you’ll marvel at the tranquil waters, surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains. The journey continues along the picturesque Storm Pass Trail, where you’ll be captivated by lush forests, vibrant wildflowers, and abundant wildlife.

As you ride the Wind River Trail, the stunning landscapes of Rocky Mountain National Park will unfold before your eyes. The trail leads you to the awe-inspiring East Portal overlook, where you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the valley and the surrounding mountains. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to capture unforgettable photographs and create cherished memories with your loved ones.

The final leg of your journey takes you along the Glacier Creek Trail, crossing Boulder Brook as you make your way back to the stables. Upon completing this extraordinary adventure, you’ll have the chance to thank your trusty steed and knowledgeable guide for their companionship throughout your unforgettable horseback riding experience.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to explore the wonders of Rocky Mountain National Park on horseback. Book your guided three-hour horseback riding tour at Glacier Creek Stables today and create memories that will last a lifetime. Ideal for family-friendly activities, romantic escapes, and reconnecting with nature, this horseback riding adventure is sure to be a highlight of your Colorado vacation.


5-Hour Ride

Discover the Ultimate Horseback Riding Adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park

Experience an unforgettable guided horseback ride as you explore the breathtaking beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park, starting from the picturesque Sprague Lake and ending back at the same spot. This awe-inspiring equestrian journey is perfect for nature enthusiasts and horse lovers seeking a unique outdoor adventure.

Setting off from Sprague Lake, your experienced trail guide will lead you and your well-trained horse through lush forests teeming with wildlife. As you approach Bierstadt Lake, you’ll be greeted by the serene sight of crystal-clear waters reflecting the surrounding mountain peaks. Here, you’ll take a short break to rest your horse, snap some photos, and appreciate the tranquil atmosphere.

From Bierstadt Lake, the trail meanders towards the popular destination of Bear Lake, where you’ll be treated to even more spectacular vistas. Nestled at the base of Hallett Peak and Flattop Mountain, Bear Lake provides a perfect backdrop for another short break. Take the opportunity to stretch your legs, hydrate, and capture the beauty of this pristine alpine lake.

After soaking in the serene surroundings of Bear Lake, you’ll mount your trusty steed and continue your adventure by taking the Glacier Creek Trail. This scenic route showcases the best of Rocky Mountain National Park, featuring lush meadows adorned with wildflowers, cascading waterfalls, and towering granite cliffs. The soothing sound of Glacier Creek flowing alongside the trail further enhances the tranquility of this magical setting.

As you approach the end of your journey, you’ll find yourself back at Sprague Lake, where it all began. Reflect on the incredible sights and experiences you’ve encountered throughout your ride, and take a moment to thank your horse for being a steadfast companion on this awe-inspiring adventure.

Book your unforgettable guided horseback riding tour in Rocky Mountain National Park today, and experience the unparalleled beauty of Colorado’s majestic landscapes from the saddle. Whether you’re searching for outdoor activities, romantic adventures, or simply a unique way to connect with nature, this captivating horse ride is sure to exceed your expectations and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.


Wildlife in the park:

This area of Rocky Mountain National Park is home to a diverse array of wildlife species. This montane ecosystem, which lies at elevations between 5,600 and 9,500 feet, is characterized by ponderosa pine forests, aspen groves, and meadows. The habitat diversity supports a rich variety of fauna. Some of the most commonly encountered wildlife in the montane region include:

1. Mammals:
– Elk: One of the most iconic species in the park, elk are often seen grazing in meadows and can be identified by their large size and impressive antlers on males.
– Mule deer: Commonly seen in the montane region, these deer have large ears and a distinctive black-tipped tail.
– Black bear: Although more elusive, black bears can occasionally be spotted in the montane forests. They are omnivores and feed on plants, berries, insects, and small mammals.
– Mountain lion: A top predator in the park, mountain lions are rarely seen due to their secretive nature but play a crucial role in maintaining ecosystem balance.
– Abert’s squirrel: This tree squirrel is easily recognizable by its bushy tail and tufted ears. They are commonly found in ponderosa pine forests.
– Coyote: These adaptable canids are often seen in meadows and open areas, hunting for small mammals and birds.

2. Birds:
– Red-tailed hawk: This large, majestic bird of prey is often seen soaring above the montane region in search of small mammals.
– Steller’s jay: Known for their striking blue color and black crest, Steller’s jays are common in montane forests.
– Mountain bluebird: These vibrant blue birds can be found in open meadows and woodland edges.
– American three-toed woodpecker: Inhabiting montane forests, these woodpeckers can be recognized by their unique three-toed feet and distinct black-and-white plumage.

3. Reptiles and Amphibians:
– Western terrestrial garter snake: These snakes are often found near water sources and feed on a variety of prey, including fish, amphibians, and small mammals.
– Tiger salamander: The tiger salamander is the only salamander species found in the park and can be found in montane wetlands and riparian areas.
– Boreal chorus frog: These small, vocal frogs are commonly found near ponds and wet meadows.

This is just a brief overview of the diverse wildlife that inhabits the montane regions of Rocky Mountain National Park. While visiting, you might encounter many more species that contribute to the park’s rich and thriving ecosystem.