You will have a reservation with us.
Hi Country Stables at Glacier Creek.

Your ride comes with
its own parking space.

The Park has promised our riders
access on the
day of your ride

Please have them
call and verify
your ride and parking
if there are any questions.
(970) 444-2512

These Park Rangers have a tough job.

They have to turn people around
who have traveled long distances
due to parking limitations.

When the parking areas in the National Park are full
the Rangers have to turn EVERYONE around.

Many of them
have not been told
that your ride comes
with its own parking. 

Please be patient with them.

They are not part of our stable
or kept up to date on our ride schedules
or on our parking facilities.

Just nicely let them know that


You will receive a dated Riding Reservation in your email
to show the Rangers once you are in the park.
You may want to screen shot that email,
as cell phone service is not great
inside the National Park.